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Discover the Ground-Breaking Technology Behind Our Wireless Communication Solutions.

Software-defined radio (SDR) and LTE/5G are already offering decent solutions in the wireless communication fields. So we ask, why us and why not both?

The world has been faced with LTE /5G coverage, spectrum availability and scarcity; we solve it our technology.

Behind our technology is advanced spectrum sensing, data routing and learning algorithms that put the most appropriate connectivity in sync to maximize the performance of any application. We dedicate to transmissions with better survivability and reliability by carefully designing our private wireless broadband MESH networks to be versatile and innovative.

Creomagic’s approach to the matter includes a ground-breaking hybrid solution, SDR+LTE, incorporating the best traits of these proprietary technologies. We are taking data exchanges to new plateaus.

Advanced, Intelligent and On-Demand

Real-world questions and complete answers drive the development of our technologies. Creomagic solutions are flexible, adaptive, and designed around user requirements. Leading customers worldwide revel in our highly advanced, intelligent technology that consistently solves the wireless communication problems that plague them.


Trust that we provide and support the following:


Cognitive software-defined broadband radio


Distributed, self-healing, and self-forming networks


Security and Immunity


Line- and None Line of sight operation


Advanced routing algorithms


Interference Avoidance

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Transformation of the last mile for the better


Failsafe and unbroken uptime

Our technology is designed to support safe and intelligent world, transform the last mile for the better, make sure you get failsafe and unbroken uptime, and never lose your critical data.

Ride the wave of new-age wireless connectivity here

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