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Are you looking for supercharged wireless communication power in the palm of your hand?
Would you be interested in communicating with the team without any permanent infrastructure? Perhaps learn more about some powerful solutions for autonomous applications?
Or maybe a versatile radio to take into the field of operations?

Whatever your industry, Creomagic has a host of products that provide outstanding solutions to all your wireless communication needs.



As we start transitioning to technology to carry out trivial tasks, we bring increased concerns about reliability. We continue to outsource actions such as deliveries, broadcasts, and automation to multitudinous applications and hardware, but still face the challenges of the 'last mile' in a plethora of diverse environments. No applications and hardware should carry these risks when they are so imperative to operations.

Our revolutionary HybridEdge technology combines the efficient functionality of our CNT-M2 device with the communicative qualities of LTE. The intelligent device ensures flawless connections between your applications and hardware, ensuring bolstered reliability and trust when hardware carries out required mission-critical actions.

HybridEdge eliminates the risk of failure, amalgamating CreoNets innovative wireless solutions and the bonding of multiple communication channels. The technology serves as a preferred choice for automated agriculture, drone deliveries, and several last-mile applications. Enjoy more seamless data exchanges with the remarkable power of this communication technology. Start building the future of autonomous operations now.

Ride the wave of new-age wireless connectivity here

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