The CreoEdge is the most advanced, scalable and most affordable intelligent Mobile AD-Hoc Networking system. Built to create robust, self-healing and self-forming reliable networks anywhere, which makes the CreoEdge ideal for use in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

The CreoEdge allows wireless connectivity for both stationary and mobile applications, with field-proven performance in N-LOS and multipath environments - enables the transmission of real-time video and data exchange. 

The CreoEdge product line, that uses the CreoNet technology and end-end encryption, provides a reliable and secure peer-peer, Wideband wireless platform, for use in mobile surveillance solutions, drones, robotics, and broadband IOT/M2M systems under the most difficult conditions. 

The CreoEdge module is easy to integrate to any platform and application, to add a valuable capability of launching new and advanced products in the market.