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About us

Creomagic stands at the forefront of innovation, delivering advanced wireless communication solutions designed for mission-critical applications.

Our wide range of software-defined broadband radio solutions are engineered to ensure secure, reliable, and resilient connectivity, tailored for dynamic operations in the most demanding environments, including electronic warfare and congested spectrum areas.

Recognizing the fundamental role of mission-critical communications, we enable military and first responder applications worldwide to operate efficiently and effectively in the most demanding scenarios. Creomagic plug-and-play integration meets the requirements of system integrators and platform manufacturers, guaranteeing best-in-class performance. Our primary goal is to ensure that real-time, on-the-move connectivity optimizes any mission-critical objective.

Our core technology, CreoNet, leverages world-leading capabilities; software-defined radio, machine learning, and mobile ad-hoc networking (MANET) technologies. Our solutions are driven by an experienced team comprised of skilled engineers, scientists, and operational professionals – all committed to maintaining the highest standards of innovation in our products and services.
Operationally proven, we proudly serve customers worldwide, guaranteeing seamless connectivity for any mission, anytime, and anywhere.


CreoMagic is committed to revolutionizing tactical communications.

Our mission is to deliver cutting-edge solutions that overcome the complexities of on-the-move connectivity and 'last mile' communication challenges. We extend the reach of wireless networks by providing robust devices and systems that ensure seamless data transfer and superior coverage, even in the most critical and hard-to-reach areas. Our technology empowers users to achieve mission success where traditional communications falter.


We envision a world of flawless wireless communication.

The upcoming global use of autonomy, teleoperation, and future penetration of interconnected entities dramatically increase the need for broadband, reliable and secured device-device wideband connectivity as a frontier technology in civil and military scenarios. We set to provide it through knowledge-driven autonomous communication. So, spectrum availability and environmental factors will no longer limit the performance.


Transcendence, cutting-edge, and reliability are three values Creomagic incorporates into our company mantra.

CeoMagic is anchored in three fundamental values: Transcendence, Innovation, and Reliability. We strive to transcend traditional communication barriers with our intelligent wireless solutions, enhancing operational effectiveness. Our commitment to cutting-edge technology ensures that every device and system we offer bolsters the reliability that our clients rely on—those who make the world safer and better. We are dedicated to delivering excellence in every endeavor, supporting the critical missions of those who serve our communities and nations.

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