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About us

The phrase we coin, ‘connectivity of tomorrow,’ isn't just a concept. We are acting on the notion. Creomagic began with founders Alex Shapochnik and Alex Feldman’s burning passion for delivering better wireless communication to a world that needs it more than ever. Today, we provide holistic solutions serving robotic systems, drones, teleoperations, maritime, mining industries and emergency response teams.

Companies in all industries continue to trust our state-of-the-art services to meet their growing communication needs. Our proven track record and reliable technologies have seen a prominent customer base adopt our products. We continue to supply some of Israel's leading companies with solutions that benefit their operations, minimizing risk and maximizing reward.


Creomagic thrives on our mission of providing innovative solutions that reduce the challenge of connectivity on the move and ‘last mile’ issues faced from solutions designed by numerous wireless communication companies.

We widen the bottleneck by offering devices and solutions that increase the coverage and efficiency of data exchanges, even within areas where communication is particularly challenging.


We envision a world of flawless wireless communication.

Our founders are using their accumulated dozen years of experience to shape wireless communication. We understand the critical nature of many mission-critical applications and how communication reliability can have a dire effect on your operation. Creomagic offers a superior solution.


Transcendence, cutting-edge, and reliability are three values Creomagic incorporates into our company mantra.

Our intelligent wireless communication solutions are used to transcend the way you handle your operations. Through cutting-edge devices and solutions, we provide that bolstered reliability technology-heavy entities crave.

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